Quantum Data

Legal Disclaimer

Quantumdata, a company with the legal constitution in progress, has its registered office at Paseo de la Castellana, 40, 8th floor.

The purpose of the QUANTUMDATA.ES website is to provide companies with the knowledge of Qhouse, a database with more than 81 million records in Spain, with cadastral information and statistical variables from public sources, generated by Artificial Intelligence.

Quantumdata, reserves the right to update, modify or delete, at any time and without prior notice, the information contained in its website, the website itself or the configuration and presentation of it, as well as to restrict or not allow the access to that information.

It is expressly forbidden the total or partial reproduction, not even citing the sources, as well as any uses, of any content included in the WEB page, and of the website itself as a whole. The Quantumdata logo is a registered and identifying trademark.

For more information, you can contact luis.salvador@quantumdata.es